By Case Kenny

It's ok to let go

Deep down you know you have more potential, right?

You know you have talents, abilities, kindness and compassion to give to the world?

You’re capable of more.

So then also know that to make that a reality, it’s not always a matter of being the best, the coolest or the most talented. No. It’s about letting go of the things that are holding you back. It’s about setting yourself free to live that potential.

It sounds simple, yes… but you’d amazed how you’re holding yourself back.

You’d be amazed by how the weight of your past dims the light of your present. It’s inevitable to carry aspects of your past with you into your present and future.. It’s human.

But it’s not your job to carry those things with you as long as you do.

It’s time to put those things down and as Paulo Coelho said... if you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. Learn from your past but put it down when you've done that.

Put it down when it’s served its purpose.

Your past mistakes don’t hold the keys to your future happiness.

The people who broke you do not have the power to put you back together, your past insecurities do not not have the power to grow you and your past regrets do not have the power to make you happy. If it’s heavy, put it down.

Those feelings and those experiences have already served their purpose.

THAT is why you let go.

- In experiencing rejection, you learned your worth.

- In experiencing failure, you learned your passion for trying again.

- In experiencing a toxic relationship, you learned your compassion for yourself.

- In experiencing feeling lost, you learned the power of your choices.

You’ve experienced those things and you’ve learned those truths. Those things have played their role in your life. They’ve taught you.

You've held onto them for long enough. You’ve carried them with you for long enough. You’ve looked back at them for long enough.

Put down those memories, those doubts and those reminders of rejection and pain. You can do that and not feel guilty. You can be proud of yourself for letting go.

You've felt what you needed to feel.

You’ve experienced what you needed to experience.

You’ve learned what you needed to learn.

You don’t need to carry those weights around with you anymore.

Put them down because you said you would and because you’ve embraced what they’ve taught you.

- Carry with you the lesson, not the memory.

- Carry with you the compassion, not the doubt.

- Carry with you the self worth, not the rejection.

You don’t have to force it. You don’t have to forget. Simply take what you’ve been given instead of focusing on what was taken from you.

It's an amazing feeling to do this - stepping into your potential because you said you would.