By Case Kenny

There’s no such thing as a perfect life, only perfect moments

There’s no such thing as a perfect life, only perfect moments.

This realization leads you to appreciate life as it comes at you… not constantly looking to the future obsessing over some perfect day, some perfect relationship, some perfect job, etc.

Perfect moments are what make a life perfect... and the good news is we all have perfect moments. Yes, sometimes they are surrounded by BS and not so great moments, but we all have them.

Perfect moments amidst imperfect moments.

Yes amidst no. Praise amidst rejection. Happiness amidst disappointment. Success amidst failure. You have had perfect moments in your life.

- You had perfect moments with your ex even though that relationship ultimately didn’t work out.

- You had perfect moments at your old job even though it ended up being not what you wanted or deserved.

- You had perfect moments with your friends even though now maybe you’re all busy in your life, at different stages, drifting apart.

- You had perfect moments with yourself where you were feeling yourself even though you also felt insecure.

Those are perfect moments. Perfect moments amidst imperfect moments.

I think reframing our expectation to want those perfect moments instead of a consistently perfect life is exactly what we need to do.

In fact, we should also appreciate the imperfect moments.

Why? Because perfect moments come from imperfect moments.

What makes our life's perfect moments so great and rewarding is the fact that they’ve been delivered to us in imperfect ways.

- Imperfect love is what you need to find perfect love.

Heartbreak? Yes it sucks but that experience is what makes you realize what matters, what compassion looks like, what reciprocity looks like. That imperfect experience made you fall apart and rebuild yourself. That experience is what’s going to make future love perfect for you.

- An imperfect career. Thinking you finally found that dream job, that career… only to have it drain you and make you rethink everything and rebuild your career. That imperfect experience sucked but it’s that experience and that perspective that’s going to lead you to find a future perfect career.

- An imperfect relationship with yourself. If you always loved yourself and always had top tier confident and charisma, what would that mean? Not a whole lot. You’ve been beat up. You know what it’s like to guilt yourself, doubt yourself, maybe even hate yourself. And because of that you know what a gift it is to find yourself, to come back and to love who you are.

To have an imperfect moment - a breakup, a personal meltdown, a rejection, a moment of massive insecurity - but then to later find a perfect moment in the form of a moment of connection with someone else, a moment of insane compatibility, a moment of confidence, a moment of making power moves, a moment where you’re proud of yourself - THAT is what makes life great.

Those are the moments that when added up make life perfect.

Perfect moments come from imperfect experiences.

- Love comes from heartbreak.

- Confidence comes from self doubt.

- Clarity comes from insecurity.

- Success comes from frustration and failure.

There is no such thing as a perfect life, only perfect moments.