By Case Kenny

Wrong person, right time?

Right person, wrong time.

Sound familiar?

- Maybe that person is still hung up on a past relationship and isn’t ready for commitment yet.

- Maybe you were in a toxic relationship, you’re working on healing and you just weren’t expecting to meet someone.

- Maybe one of you or both are you are both heads down 100% dedicated to your career. You're putting in the hours - working, studying, creating. Whatever it is... right person, wrong time.

But here's what I think: there is never a right time. If we say that or if someone else says that… it's just not being honest.

When you say you met the right person but it’s the wrong time… that’s an a** backwards way of saying that person is just the wrong person.

If someone tells you that you’re the right person but it's just the wrong time… I’m sorry… tough pill to swallow… but what they really meant to say is... you’re just not the right person for them.

Right person, wrong time just means wrong person.

That’s it.

When you meet someone you truly and vulnerably think is the right person and you’re willing to say that, mean it and act on it… the timing becomes right. It becomes irrelevant.

I firmly believe there's no right time for frankly anything in life. There’s no right time to start a new job, to launch your business, to start your blog, etc. And there is certainly no perfect time to fall for someone or to explore potential with someone.

There is never a right time and there will never be a right time.

To say the timing is wrong… it’s just an excuse :)

With some exceptions - of course I would respect some kind of trauma, serious family issues or things that literally demand your physical and emotional attention - the concept of right or wrong time simply comes down to your level of awareness and how honest you're willing to be.

If you’re saying someone is right but the timing is wrong… what you want to say but you’re struggling to admit... is that person just isn’t right for you. If someone truly was right… you would fight that wrong timing.

The right person makes the wrong timing the right timing. Or at minimum, thy make that wrong timing irrelevant.

If someone tells you the timing is just wrong… what he or she really really means is they’re not willing to try because they’re not convinced you’re the right person.

That's all it means.

If you were truly right for that other person… the timing would become irrelevant.

It might not be easy and the timing truly might still be complicated... but if you're convinced someone might be the right person... you're at least willing to try.

It could mean one of you is moving cities. It could mean one of you is starting a new intense job. It could mean one of you is hot off a relationship that has them all kinds of upside down mentally.

But I truly believe that if you’re both vulnerable, honest and you believe the other person is right for you... you’re willing to try. You’re willing to explore that.

If you find yourself saying that person was right but the timing is wrong - check yourself. Is that really true? OR are you falling back on that magical timing you’ve been envisioning?

Maybe deep down, my friend... you know the person isn’t right but you don’t want to admit it. If you find yourself being told you’re right the right person but the timing is wrong - I’m sorry that sucks - but know that if you really were the right person... that timing would be irreverent.

You can find some solace in realizing that person just didn’t choose you. It hurts but it’s easier than trying to fight some mysterious timing and circumstances. You can come to terms with realizing that they just didn’t choose you.

When someone says the timing isn’t right even though you’re the right person... they’re honestly just giving up on someone who isn’t right for them. They’re giving up on you because they didn't want you badly enough.

Trust your life’s timing.

Trust that in life, you don’t meet the right person at the wrong time. The moment you meet that person, the timing becomes irrelevant.