By Case Kenny

Put faith in yourself again

Of all things in life, there is only one that you can truly control.

You can’t always control your health, your wealth, your relationships or your success. There are so many variables at play. You can do everything right and still not get what you want. You can be kind and compassionate and still be treated like sh*t. You can give and give and give and never receive.

But there is one always thing you can control and that’s the lens through which you look at life. It’s the intent you can assign to every person and everything that happens to you.

Every morning you have the ability to make a choice.

  • You can choose to focus on the uncertainty you have in life.
  • You can choose to obsess over the things you don’t understand, the un-ended stories, the conclusions you’ve never found.
  • You can choose to focus on the dark, the negative. You can choose to see rejection as a reflection of who you are rather who someone else is.
  • You can choose to feel overwhelmed by the things you haven’t yet done, things you’ve tried to do but failed or the weight of the responsibility you have.

You can choose that filter, that perspective, that lens… OR… you can choose another lens.

You can choose to have faith that you have love and compassion in your heart and instead of pushing that down in favor of anxious thoughts, overthinking or negative reminiscing, you choose THAT as your filter in life.

You can make a choice.

  • You choose to live in the sun rather than the shade. W
  • when you look up at the sky you see stars rather than the dark.
  • You assume positive intent, you see what is possible not what is impossible, you see what can be, not what isn’t or what wasn’t.

You can choose to say I want a long life, a legendary one and not just say that but have faith that you can have that based on how you interpret what happens to you in life. If you want a legendary life you have to apply a legendary filter to your life.

You can call that a lot of different things. You can call that straight up optimism. You can call that positivity or being kind to yourself. Or you can just call it FAITH. Faith in yourself - - that there’s nothing you can’t overcome or navigate.

I really think that should have faith in yourself and make THAT your legendary lens! You’ve got this. That there’s no curveball you can’t handle. That there’s no rejection you can’t handle.

There’s no BS you can’t handle. There’s no lesson you can’t learn... no matter how tough. There’s no frustration you can’t move past. You can have peace of mind every day by making a choice to change the filter that you apply to your life. This is a filter that does one thing: it assumes positive intent… about everything and everyone.

You can make a choice every day to apply a lens that assumes positive intent.

  • One door closing… means another opening elsewhere.
  • One rejection here… means an opportunity somewhere else.
  • A harsh word spoken to you here… means a kind, compassionate word somewhere else.
  • A day of feeling lost and insecure today… means another day of feeling empowered and confident tomorrow.
  • A day in the shade today… means another day in the sun tomorrow.

THAT is faith in yourself because it reminds you that you’re capable of handling that door closing, that rejection, that harsh word, that feeling of being lost or that day in the shade.

You are capable of handling those experiences because those events are not reflections of who you are. They are reflections of other peoples’ inability to see your worth. They are reflections of someone who’s not ready for you. They are reflections of an employer who’s passing up on greatness. They are reflections of someone else’s flawed action.

You’ve got this. Have faith in yourself, my friend. You’ve got this because YOU choose to believe that you’ve got this. You’ve got this because YOU believe you simply see it that way.

That is your lens!

That is the power of choice.

How do you see life?

Is life one big bucket of BS out to get you?

Do all people suck and are unreliable? Are all men f**boys and all women gold-diggers? Are corporations all evil? Are you insecure and will always be that way? Do you constantly disappoint you and will never not?

OR can you push yourself to have faith?

That you can handle any BS? That you can overcome a sh*tty relationship and still love someone? That you can still feel compassion for someone else even though you’ve been consistently disappointed by other people? That you can you find love for yourself even though you haven’t always loved yourself?

You don’t have to know how, what or when… but when you make THAT your lens and you put faith in yourself, there’s nothing you won’t be able to overcome. 

If you want a legendary life, you have to have a legendary lens through which you look at everything.