By Case Kenny

Some things are worth the wait...

Some things in life are so meaningful and so fulfilling that they are worth the wait… and in most cases… they’re only meaningful and fulfilling because of the wait.

The best things are great because of the wait. They’re that way because of the value they accrue while you don’t have them.

I look at two things in particular that we all want in life and I know with no doubt that they are worth the wait.

That’s finding your soulmate and being successful.

The amount of impatience we carry with us as it relates to those goals is something we all experience. No doubt about it.

"I need to find my person. I’m lonely. Life is meant to be shared with someone else. Once I find that person, everything else will make sense. I will be happy and fulfilled.

I need my six figure payday today. I need my 7 figure payday today. I will finally be happy when I have my dream job. Things will finally click when I’m happy in my career, when I can say that I’m successful."

But we can find peace by recognizing that some things in life are worth the wait… and they’re worth the wait because once you have them, they’re forever.

And something that is forever… that's worth the wait, right?

I sure think so. Maybe it’s the optimist in me but when I look at something like finding a soulmate… I fundamentally believe that is forever. That type of love, that type of connection certainly isn’t something to rush. It’s not something to force. True love is forever. It doesn’t end.

And so I can look at something like that… back up and say... it’s worth the wait. It’s worth the wait. Because when I find it, it’s mine forever. And if I’m 20 or 30 or 40 that means I have a lot of life ahead of me with it.

It's the same with success.

My definition of success isn’t tied to a dollar amount... it’s tied to a feeling of freedom and purpose. And once I find that, it’s mine forever and I'll never lose it. There will be ups and downs no doubt, but fundamentally it’s worth the wait because once i have it, it’s mine forever.

Those things are worth the wait because they are forever. And more than that, I really believe that the longer those things elude me… the more their value increases.

So I'm ok with not having them right now.

In my life the one thing I’d say I have at this point is success. I have purpose and I have the freedom to practice it. BUT that followed 15 years of not having it! And it’s during the time where I wanted it, where I chased it, where I impatiently grasped for it… that I truly learned the value of it.

And THAT makes getting it so much more special and forever to me.

If right out of college I suddenly found my passion, my purpose and I figured out how to make money from it… I really don’t think I would say I am successful. It would've been too easy. It wouldn't have required any blood, sweat or tears. No introspection. No rejection. No massive ups and downs.

I needed those ups and downs. I needed those 4 jobs. I need to almost not be able to pay rent. I needed to start multiple businesses and fail. I needed to empty my bank account on ideas that never worked out. I needed to be frustrated.

Think about the things that are so important to you right now and then consider these two truths that recognize that they are worth the wait.

They are worth the wait because once you have them, they are forever.

Don’t be tricked into something temporary as a means of hoping it’s permanent. Don’t settle into something because you're impatient. Don’t settle for someone who promises you forever.

Be patient. Open your eyes. Open your heart.

Recognize that maybe in the past you thought you finally found your forever thing. But then that big thing turned out to only be temporary. That’s ok. Because it’s still worth the wait. Its value is only increasing.

As long as you remain confident in your worth and your ability to get those things, that should offer you peace.

It’s going to happen. Have faith in that. Have patience and most of all stay strong in your belief that you deserve it.

Point that impatience in a productive direction - use to to be curious, to take action, to discover. Use it to never settle.