By Case Kenny

This is how to embrace change in your life

Change is not easy.

In life we're often caught in limbo between wanting better and doing better, between the past and the present and the present and the future. We know fundamentally that we need to change but acting on that can be the hardest thing to actually do.

But change in your life becomes so much easier when you see life for what it is - a series of chapters.

Your life consists of many, many, many chapters.

That is in direct contrast to how I think a lot of us think about life. We consider our life to be one long chapter... and the wrong move during it can totally mess up the ending.

With that view of life, it’s no wonder we’re slow to change even when we know we should. But that's no longer the case when you stop thinking of life as one long chapter and instead realize what I have: your life consists of many, many, many chapters.

A chapter has a beginning, a middle and an end.

A chapter has great things and not so great things. Within that context, it’s so much easier to simply say: I want to move on to the next chapter. Because there’s a new beginning there and I can find goodness that has eluded me in this chapter.

You don’t need to hang onto your current chapter if it no longer serves you… and even bigger than that… you don’t need to continue to try to recreate the last chapter you had. 

There are many chapters to your life. And each has something to offer. Each has something great for you.

There are many beginnings and many endings in your life.

Recognize that you’ve already lived many chapters and you have many more ahead of you.

Given that, ask yourself about the things you want, the things that are calling you...

How do you expect to act on those things unless you embrace your life's next chapter?

- How do you expect to move on after that toxic relationship unless you embrace the next chapter that’s waiting for you?

- How do you expect to forgive yourself for something you did or didn’t do unless you embrace the next chapter that’s waiting for you?

- How do you expect to find someone who’s perfect for you instead of being hung up on someone who isn’t interested unless you embrace the next chapter that’s waiting for you?

- How do you expect to grow if you stay within the confines of the chapter you’re on or wishing for a chapter you once had?

There’s another chapter waiting for you... and you’re free to step into it.

This mindset empowers you to move yourself from being afraid to actually making change.

It moves you from being hung up on the past to being so much more willing and eager to take a step in a new direction.

That’s different from thinking about life as one long linear line. In that headspace, change is hard. It’s easy to be hung up. It’s easy to stick to the confines of your comfort zone.

But in recognizing that life consists of chapters… you’re free to say: I can start another chapter and see where it takes me.

You can say: for those reasons I’m out. I’m out of this relationship. I’m out of this friendship. I'm out of this bad habit. I’m out of this lack of motivation. I’m out of this job. I’m out of insecurity.

You can say that and be confident that your next chapter will serve you in great ways. You have nothing to fear with change.

Doesn't this mindset set you free to no longer run back to comfort? To not run back to an old chapter? And more importantly, to move on from your current one if that’s what you’re being called to do?

If you can think of a reason to turn the page... and it’s compassionate and it serves you... then act on it.

Jump into the blessings that await you in future chapters. Have faith that there is goodness in those chapters.

You have nothing to fear in moving past old chapters. You have nothing to fear in turning the page on your current chapter. Life is a series of chapters... and ultimately your happiness and fulfillment is tied to how many pages you’re willing to turn.

It’s tied to the grace you carry with you as you move from chapter to chapter. It's tied to the humility you display when you recognize when it’s time to move past your current chapter and there's no need to recreate an old one.