By Case Kenny

The power of temporary people

Here's an inconvenient truth about life: sometimes the bad things, the frustrating things, the hurtful things and people... they put you on the path to the best things that will ever happen to you.

Simple put… bad experiences and temporary people inevitably lead you to good ones if you allow them to strength your resolve rather than seeing them as a reflection of your worth.

When you invest your time and energy with someone or something and it turns out to not be right for you… that’s not on you.

That’s not a reflection of you, your ability, your worth, your value… it’s simply a redirection. It's a redirection from a wrong person to a right person, a wrong job to a right one.

Just like you… I wish it was possible to immediately find your stride in life, to find your lifelong friends, your perfect job, your passion, your career, etc.

But the reality is... life is about trial and error.

Life is about experiencing wrong so you know what is right.

Nowhere in that process is a reflection of your worth. That journey of experiencing wrong so you can be led to right… it does one thing: it strengthens your resolve and teaches you the power of your standards.

Consider all the things you know you deserve in your life. You deserve to feel seen and understood. Chosen, supported. You deserve to be fulfilled and engaged in your life.

Now consider the times where you didn’t feel that way and the people who made you feel the opposite of those things.

They reminded you of those standards. They cemented that resolve in your heart.

Some people in life will simply take what they’re given, accept good enough and call it a life. Not you! You experienced wrong so you know right… and that’s your greatest power.

THAT is what makes your journey worthwhile. You have resolve backed by experience. That is something no future experience can take from you.

Can you say that your past experiences gave you higher standards?


Then you’ve proven this in your life.

You can choose to tell yourself a story about how you’ve been screwed over and lost and rejected.

Or you can choose to say: my standards have never been higher, my resolve has never been stronger… because of my journey. Because of the experiences in it.

Say that with me.

My standards have never been higher, my resolve has never been stronger… because of my journey.

You will inevitably meet wrong people along the way to the right people. In a world where the temptation is to settle, to accept good enough… your resolves means something.

It really does.

It means something to have higher standards… not just on one day but permanently.

So remember that it’s the bad things, the frustrating things and the hurtful things that happen in our lives that put us directly on the path to the best, most fulfilling things that will ever happen to us.