By Case Kenny

The real law of attraction

I used to think the law of attraction was simply about visualizing what you WANT.


Yes, there is certainly something to be said about the power of visualizing the things and success you desire... but the law of attraction is NOT about what you want.

You're not going to get what you want by simply picturing that thing, that person, that event or that circumstance. BUT you can attract it by believing in the truth behind it.

The universe responds to what you believe in. It doesn't simply give you the THINGS or PEOPLE you want. No... it helps you spot the truths behind the things you want... and THAT is what gets you what you want.

So before you ask yourself what it is you WANT, ask yourself... what do you BELIEVE in?

Here's what I believe.

- I believe that people are inherently good.

- I believe life, the universe, karma rewards people who have genuine intentions.

- I believe that selflessness, giving to those you don’t have to and helping others is always rewarded.

- I believe that success, wealth and fame comes from being stubborn in who you are and refusing to be anything but.

- I believe there exists a soulmate for each and everyone of us.

- I believe that everyone is capable of 10'xing any area of their life - their wealth, fitness, talent, you name it.

- I believe that everyone is capable of being happy and fulfilled.

THAT is what I choose to believe. And the law of attraction delivers those truths to me and because of that that I'm able to get what I want in life.

The truths you believe in are the ingredients behind the the things you want... so attract them!

That is a BIG truth! When you realize that, you realize what the law of attraction is all about.

I have found that the more I choose to believe in certain truths, the more I find them time and time again. The more I find them, the more I see them as proof of what is possible. The more I convince myself of what is possible, the more I embody those truths... AND that is how I get what I want.

Attract a truth, reflect that truth... get what you want.

Here's what I mean.​​​​

Because I choose to believe in selflessness… I find myself noticing a friend who I never noticed before taking time to walk around Chicago and give food and clothing to the homeless and as a result I find myself so much more willing and eager to lend my time to others. I’ll hop on Facetime or a phone call with a random listener to try to help them.

Because of that action more people listen to my podcast and support me. Boom I’m on my way to succeeding as a podcaster. That happened all because I choose to believe in good selflessness. First I attract, then I reflect and then I achieve. Selflessness was the truth behind my goal of being a successful podcaster.

Because I choose to believe that people are inherently good… I find myself being more forgiving when someone says something hurtful or spiteful to me because I choose to believe that their intention is good... but their execution is just poor. I don’t take it personally.

Because of that I find myself believing in my own goodness more often and it’s because of that belief that I simply find myself loving myself more. First I attract, then I reflect and then I achieve. Goodness was the truth behind my goal of loving myself.

The law of attraction is simply about asking yourself: what do I BELIEVE in? It's not asking yourself "what do I WANT?" The law of attraction brings the truths you believe in into your life... and those truths empower you to get what you want.

When you believe in certain truths, you attract them in the world. You spot them more easily and you find proof that they exist more. And with more proof, you build more confidence in your ability to exhibit the same truths. And then boom!

When you believe in them and you act on them… that’s how you get what you want.

It’s not: I want to be a successful podcaster and then sitting down and visualizing millions of adoring fans, endorsement deals, success, etc.

Nah, to me it’s like this: I want to be a successful podcaster. So I choose to believe in the power of being genuine and authentic, I believe in the power of giving back and karma.

And whatya know???... the more I believe in those truths the more I see the top podcasters embodying them. They are themselves, they give back and they’re massively successful. That inspires me to double down on those truths and live them myself and look at me now! I still have so far to go but those truths are empowering me to attract what I want because I reflect them myself.

That is attraction. That is reflection and you can live this in your life.

Attract a truth. And then reflect it yourself. That is how you get the things, the status and the circumstances you want.

This goes beyond your career.

Do you believe all men are f***boys and women are crazy? Well, you’re going to attract and reflect that. OR do you believe that there exist well intentioned, kind and authentic people? When you start believing that, I’m confident you're going to find that truth.

You’re going to see that those people exist and that example is going to empower you to live those truths yourself. You're going to start reflecting those truths more and when you do that… that's when things click.

When you believe in certain truths and ideas, you see the world around you for what it is - feedback.

Everything is a reflection of what you believe.

The more you see that the more you will start to really live those truths. And when you live the truths behind the things you want… THAT is when you get those things.

If being genuine is the truth behind being talented... then believe in that and attract it!

If being well intentioned is the truth of someone who is your soulmate... then believe in that and attract it!

If all humans are inherently good and that’s the truth behind being drama free and happy... then believe in that and attract it!

What do you choose to believe? Ask yourself that, focus on those truths and I’m confident you’ll start attracting them and reflecting them.