By Case Kenny

This is for when you feel disappointed in yourself

If I had a nickel for every boneheaded decision I made, for every moment of weakness where I did the direct opposite of what I knew I should do, for every time the homies gave me advice and then I proceeded to NOT take it... I’d be rich.

I disappoint myself all the time in the same way you probably do.

BUT I genuinely believe it’s a good thing to feel the weight of being disappointed in yourself.... because it means you know you can do better. (I know that sounds cheesy) Here's how I prove this to myself.

Can you imagine a life where you do things that are beneath your standards... BUT you aren’t disappointed in yourself for doing them?

- You date someone who is nowhere near your level but you keep dating them because it’s comfortable?

- You stay in a very toxic relationship because you don’t want to be alone or start over?

- You treat your body like an amusement park - terrible diet, lot’s of drinking, no working out, no discipline?

- You never stand up for yourself because it’d be awkward or might upset someone?

Can you imagine a life where you do those things BUT you DON'T feel disappointed in yourself?

A lot of people are frankly are blind to their potential, to their worth, to their standards because they really don’t feel disappointed in themselves.

They’ve convinced themselves that they just need to survive, that they’re OK with good enough, that they should do whatever it takes to avoid being lonely or starting over.

Think about a life like that! BUT you my friend… you feel disappointed in yourself from time to time.

It’s a weird thing to say… BUT I genuinely believe that's a good thing… considering the alternative.

Feeling disappointed in yourself means you give a f***!

It means you know you can do better. It’s a good thing to feel disappointed in yourself. Because if you didn’t... think about how your life might go.

You’d continue to accept less. You’d continue to date people who were not on your level. You wouldn’t learn from past relationships, old jobs or old versions of yourself. You’d let people walk all over you.

But that’s NOT you.

You feel disappointed in yourself when you should. And that eats at you. It angers you. It frustrates you.

That’s a good thing!

So don't get down on when you feel this way.

It means you care... and not everyone does.

If you feel disappointed in yourself, it's a good thing.

- Maybe you didn’t workout again today because you were tired.

- Maybe you texted your ex because you felt especially lonely today.

- Maybe you ghosted someone because it was easier but you knew it was weak and not who you want to be.

- Maybe you didn't stand up for yourself at work when you knew you should’ve.

Be thankful that you feel disappointed in yourself. Use it. Be fired up by it.

Make a promise to yourself that you’ll never do that thing again or accept that thing again.

Remind yourself that you believe in bigger and better things for a reason. That reason is because you're capable of achieving those tings and becoming that person.

Remember that. And make promise that you’re not going to accept less… from others and from yourself.