By Case Kenny

THIS is the real glow up

The real glow up is less about creating a new, better identity or starting over and more about rewriting the rules you've been living by.

Same person, new rules. New rules, who dis?

It means giving yourself space - you stop looking in the SAME places for love, fulfilment or happiness. You stop assuming the SAME things and looking at the world through the SAME lens.

It’s like a new season of your favorite show on Netflix.

The old season came and went. But now it’s time for a new season.

The recap of last season would be sound something like this.

On the last season of your life...

- You assume that you're destined to a life of hating your 9-5 because you no longer enjoy going to work anymore.

- You assume you're going to die alone after going on 5 bad dates.

- You assume everyone else got their chance to provide themselves in life but you'll never get your.

- You assume you're the unluckiest person in the world.

That’s last season.

BUT the glow up is deciding to move into a new season. New rules. New cast of characters. New truths. It sounds like this:

On this brand new season of your life...

- You decide that feeling lost in your career actually means you're capable of finding your dream job and so you start interviewing.

- You decide that you deserve the best possible partner and to never settle so you're going to enjoy your single life and stop putting pressure on yourself.

- You decide that you have nothing to prove to anyone.

- You decide that luck has nothing to do with how happy or successful you're going to be.

THAT is the glow up. You rewrite your rules.

You rewrite your assumptions about yourself.

Take an area of life where you feel you’re not quite there yet, where you’re stumbling or underachieving.

Your career? Your personal growth, confidence, and self esteem? Your dating life?

Now look at that area and ask yourself… what conclusions have I drawn about myself?

If it’s your personal growth… let's say you just feel lost. You feel directionless, not confident, like you're just floating in life.

Maybe you’ve concluded that it’s because you’re nothing special. You’re average. Ordinarily.

Or in your dating life… you feel like giving up. You’ve been hurt too many times, you’ve been more vulnerable than everyone else, no one gets you, you’re too much to handle.

Maybe you’ve concluded that you’re going to need to dumb yourself down to find your partner, hide your crazy and settle for someone who doesn’t truly get you.

Time to glow up. Time to move into your next season. Season 2.

On this season of YOU….

You decide that feeling lost in life simply means you have an opportunity to change, to go left instead of the usual right and that you CAN mix things up.

You decide that just because you haven’t met someone on your level yet doesn't mean that person doesn’t exist. You dig your heels in even further for the person you deserve.

THAT is rewriting your rules. It’s a total mindset shift.

It’s all about creating space for new beliefs.

It's about recognizing that...

Maybe all those times you’ve failed, the times where you didn’t get what you wanted or you were overlooked for what you deserved… they're leading you to a future where you finally get those things.

Maybe all the times you felt self conscious, less or like you were falling behind… they're leading you to a future where it all clicks and you find a calm, powerful sense of self.

Maybe those failed relationships, ups and downs… are leading you to a future where you finally realize why it had to happen this way.

Maybe all those times you felt lost, uninspired or like you’re capable of so much more… are leading you to a future where you finally find that thing and it lights your soul on fire and gives you purpose.

Maybe your life has led you to this point for a reason. Maybe you haven’t wasted the time you think you’ve wasted.

Maybe you really aren’t lost. Maybe you haven’t missed your shot. Maybe you’re not falling behind.

Because… maybe you’re right where you’re supposed to be. THAT is the real glow up. THAT is rewriting your rules.