By Case Kenny

This is what makes you attractive.

To be hot you literally just have to act hot.

Don't roll your eyes just yet.

The way you carry yourself, the truth you emanate as you live, the qualities you flex with as you live - those things are what make you hot. Because those things are hot!

The key is to realize what it means to be attractive. To truly be attractive is to be attractive in mind, body and soul.

Mind, body and soul.

Three things. Three areas of hotness. Three abilities.

It’s a numbers game and it comes down to three check boxes. You check 2 out of the 3? You’re hot. You check 3 out of 3? Definitely hot. 1 out of 3? Not so much.

But the good news is that 2 of the 3 are completely up to you with how you act and what you say.

Mind and soul.

It’s a combination of those things that makes you hot. It’s no longer enough to be hot with just your body. If you don't live a compassionate truth with your soul, and if you don’t act enthusiastically and hopefully with your mind… that's not enough.

What does a hot mind look like?

What does a hot soul look like?

You have a hot mind when you use it.

Your mind is what shows your drive, your engagement and your ability to connect with others. It’s your ability to read a room, to showcase your empathy, to ask questions and to get beneath the surface. It's your ability appreciate art and nature. It’s your interests and your hobbies.

Frankly, it’s just what shows that you’re an interesting person! It shows that you have eq, that you can hold a conversation, that you can start a conversation or that you can be interested in someone else’s worldviews or hobbies.

Your mind showcases who you are. It’s hot when you ask questions rather than talk about yourself.

It’s hot when you are curious about the world around you or other people.

It’s hot when you make an effort to talk to that loner in the corner. It’s hot when you’re open and enthusiast with others. It’s hot when you care! That’s it!

So, yes… to be hot, you just have to act hot… with your mind.

You have the capacity for all those things - some innately that you already do and some that might make you uncomfortable - but you’re fully capable of doing them. And doing them makes you hot.

And then there’s your soul.

Your soul is literally what makes you you.

It comes out in the form of a smile, a laugh, your eyes lighting up when you see someone or something that is important to you. It’s the way you treat yourself. It’s the love and self awareness you show yourself. It’s the way you see the world.

Is everyone out to get you? Is everyone else lucky and you’re not? Is everyone fake and bullsh*t? Is life unfair and you’ll never get what you want? Or is there sun at the end of a storm? Is a closed door today an open door tomorrow? Does compassion and kindness open you up to the beauty of life?

That is your soul and it’s freakin hot when it's warm and hopeful!

I know nothing about you… but you’re attractive. You have a kind, high energy, optimistic and empathetic soul. You might not be living it 24/7 because it’s not easy… but you can… and when you do that’s hot!

You can walk in a room and be hot literally just with the way that you act, the way you carry yourself, the respect, kindness and energy you give to others, the words you use and the feelings and warmth you emanate.

Flex your mind and soul!

Swag into the room and just be hot. Because you can. And judge others by the same standard.

When you do, you’ll realize that you are hot. And that person you thought was hot? Well, maybe they’re not. And that person you didn’t think was hot? Yep, turns out they’re extremely attractive.

Just some food for thought...