By Case Kenny

What is main character energy?

Main character energy = being extremely TYPE A about your self worth.

Main character energy = knowing that YOU get to decide who’s part of your story and who’s not.

The cameras are trained on you and people should be lucky to be part of your story. You dress how you want, act how you want and decide what you do with your life.

There's so much more to life than always being at the whim of someone else’s decisions, hoping that someone else sees value in you, overthinking other peoples’ opinions of you, and finally... relationships. Yes, I said it.

Your life doesn’t begin and end with a relationship.

Your life is made better by the presence of someone else joining the story you've already written and are already the main character in.

You’re literally in charge - not just of the decisions you make, the people you date, the friends you have… BUT also your definition of what makes your life great.

- You get to decide if your life sucks because you’ve been single OR if that’s just a small part of your narrative.

- You get to decide if being ghosted means you suck and deserve it OR if that person sucks and has karma coming their way.

- You get to decide if you only get fulfilment and validation from going on dates, getting compliments and getting down and dirty… OR if you get it from friends, creative outlets, solo trips to the museum, tables for one at your favorite restaurant, etc.

Main character energy = simply seeing yourself from your point of view, not theirs.

It’s defining yourself for YOU. It’s deciding who you date for YOU, what you accept for YOU, saying what you want to say for YOU, etc.

In a book the main character is described thoroughly by the narrator - head to toe, inside and out, thoughts, feelings, emotions, their drive, their backstory, their vision, etc. You have that ability to do the same for yourself.

What would you write?

Would you write that you’re desperate for attention, that you need someone to like you, compliment you and that your life’s happiness ebbs and flows with the validation of others?

OR would you write that someone simply complements what you’ve got going on? You’re open to the day when someone else joins you and ADDs to the happiness and fulfilment you already have.

THAT is main character energy.

See yourself from your point of view. Write your story from your point of view.

The focus is on you. The lights are on you. The cameras are on you.

People are waiting to see what YOU do. To see who YOU like. To see who YOU text and DM. To see what YOU do with your spare time. To see what YOU wear.

You’re not rushed. You’re not desperate. You’re cool as a cucumber...

You’re the main character in your story and YOU get to decide when to turn the page and write another chapter.

You can either lean back in life or you can lean forward.

- You can sit back and hope that what you want comes crashing through your apartment wall like the Kool Aid Man.

- You can derive your worth from what other people say about you. -

You can define yourself by your job, by what people say about you, by your body count, by who's on your roster right now.

You can do those things and let other people and circumstances write your story and define your worth for you… OR you can become the most type A, lean forward, version of yourself.

- That’s someone who decides who they are in life.

- That’s someone who decides their worth and someone else either complements it or is gone - they never detract from it.

- That’s someone who has a life outside of dating and their significant other.

- That’s someone who has hobbies and is cool with doing their own thing.

Do you allow someone else to define YOU? OR is there YOU and then there’s everyone else that complements the story you’ve already created for yourself?

Is it your story OR is it someone else’s story and you’re hoping for an invite into it?

Are you seeing life from your point of view or theirs?

You get to decide that and you get to decide to update and write your story as you see fit - and along the way you get to decide who to write into your story and who to write to out.

THAT is the gift of being the main character in your story.