By Case Kenny

What is the point of life?

The point of life is to create something from zero.

The point of life is to start with nothing and build from it.

I’m not talking about building a business, building an empire, building a following, building influence, etc.

I’m talking about spiritually, mentally, and emotionally starting from zero and building. 

The point of life is to start with nothing and build.

- Start with no opinion and build one that is YOURS.

- Start with no standards or boundaries and build standards and boundaries that are YOURS.

- Start with no purpose and build one that is YOURS.

- Start with no confidence and build confidence that is YOURS.

- Start with no passion… and build passion that is YOURS.

The other day I heard someone say to date with a roster is a flex. I've heard people say being a 10/10 is a flex. I've people say being a six-figure earner is a flex. Flex. Flex. Flex.

Those are NOT flexes.​​​​

The things you build from zero are the real flexes in life.

The sense of humor you develop as a result of seeing life a certain way...

The standards and boundaries you build as a result of experiencing what you never want to experience again...

The passion you get for a certain skill or purpose in life you build as a result of trying and trying and trying...

And yes, the success you receive as a result of the hard work you put in...

Building from zero... That’s the point of life.

And what you build - that’s a freakin flex! Because it’s yours. It wasn’t given to you. It wasn’t luck. It wasn’t borrowed from someone else. It’s yours.

Far too often we’re so averse to starting from zero that we borrow other people’s creations, opinions, standards, and purposes.

There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by other people, but to me... that’s not a flex.

It’s not a flex to just rinse and repeat what other people are doing. It’s not a flex to fall in line with what’s expected of you. It’s not a flex to do all the same things, get all the same things, wear all the same things, post all the same things. It’s not. Building from zero is a flex.

You've built from zero!

​Without realizing it you’ve probably embraced the zero of building a vision for what you deserve in a relationship. In a job. You’ve embraced the zero of deciding what makes YOU happy.. Not others… YOU. You’ve embraced the zero of acting from what makes you feel engaged in life.

I think you should realize it. And say that’s YOUR flex.

It should make you feel confident. What you build from zero is not borrowed. It’s not copied and pasted. To build your own worldview. To build your own opinion. That's a flex.

It’s to start from zero, blank slate, your timing, your life, your perspective, your experiences… and to build everything from it. That is a flex and it’s the purpose of life.

Think about what this approach gets...

It gets you YOUR truth. It gets you a definition that is true to you - not others.

It gives you the freedom to trust your path, to not be pressured to blindly do things, to accept things that YOU haven’t proven to yourself yet.

That is a flex. That is the FLEX. That is confidence. That is vision. That is peace.