By Case Kenny

When life doesn't make sense...

The fact that you're reading this probably means you're a driven person. You're ambitious. You push yourself.

- In your career you want to be successful and build wealth.

- In your physical life you want to be in the best shape and health you can.

- In your spiritual life you want to be the happiest and most confident version of yourself.

- In your social life you want to surround yourself with people who inspire and lift you up.

- In your romantic life you want to find someone who understands and chooses you.

Sound familiar?

As a driven person I feel the weight of the pressure I put on myself and I'm apt to feel lost, confused and that I'm not where I'm supposed to be or I'm falling behind.

I have thoughts like:

What if I’m not doing enough? What if I’m doing it all wrong? What if I’m making the wrong moves?

But here's what I've learned...

Life is NOT supposed to always make sense. Life is supposed to be confusing at times.

Life is supposed to take us by surprise every now and then. Life becomes a lot more peaceful when you decide to see that confusion as a sign you’re moving in the right direction instead of the wrong direction.

How can you possibly know where you're supposed to be until you're there!?

The purpose of life is to push you in a direction that supports what you want while telling you whether it’s right or wrong for you... and then redirecting you accordingly.

We need to drop the idea that life is either good or bad.

We need to drop the idea that you’re either who you’re supposed to be or you’re not.

Life is all about the in-between phase. The journey. The time spent wondering if you're on the right track.

Take a look around you.

There are so many examples of people who found their stride later in life, who changed their mind or did a complete 180.

For instance did you know Vera Wang was a figure skater and a journalist for 39 years and she only started fashion when she was 40? Or Jeff Bezos didn’t start Amazon until he was 31? Or heck... even me... I didn't start the podcast (my purpose) until I was 30.

Life can take a long time to point you in the direction of what you’re supposed to do and who you're supposed to be.

To think you need to have it not only figured out but accomplished and done today... that is so unfair to you!

That pressure distracts from the best years of your life... the in-between days.

We need to drop our guard a bit and realize that maybe life is supposed to be confusing.

Maybe life is supposed to throw us for a loop from time to time. Maybe life is supposed to surprise us, frustrate us and make us question what we're doing. It's through that process that we finally figure out what we’re supposed to do.

Let's choose to see feeling lost as a positive feeling.

Let's choose to see that feeling behind as guidance we're moving TOWARDS what we want instead of AWAY from it.

Let's choose to see feeling lost as a reflection we’re moving TOWARDS who we're meant to become instead of AWAY from it.