By Case Kenny

When you need to make a change...

Do you need to make a change in your life?

- Do you need to change your love for yourself?

- Do you need to become more compassionate towards yourself with your standards and boundaries?

- Do you need to change your approach to your career?

- Do you need to date more compassionately and stop dating people who don’t level you up?

- Do you need to change to become happier? Healthier?

Great! Me too :)

But then, why don't we actually follow-through?

The number one reason we don't actually make the change we need is because we allow ourselves to think of change as risk.

In our minds CHANGE = RISK.

We’re hardwired to be comfortable, to survive and to not mix things up unnecessarily.

And so we allow that word CHANGE to become RISK in our heads and then it takes on all new meaning.

We go into self preservation mode. We close off. We tense up. We allow ourselves to overthink.

We see change as risk.

- I want to change my love for myself? That's a risk because I might seem too selfish! I might be throwing away good opportunities and good enough people… people who MIGHT make me happy. People who I MIGHT grow to love.

- I want to change my approach to my career? That's a risk because what if I find a new job and it sucks and now I can’t go back to that job that was ok?

- I want to date more compassionately and stop dating people who don’t level me up? That’s a risk because what if I get too picky and end up alone?

You cannot allow yourself to see change as risk!

THAT is how you end up making no change at all… and if you truly want to label something a RISK... that is it.

Not making a change is a risk. Staying in one place is a risk. Staying in the same pattern of behavior is a risk. Not loving yourself the way you’re capable of is a risk.

So, let's rethink this. Change is simply transition.

And we're ok with transitions, right? Transitions simply lead us from one thing, one person, one circumstance to another. It’s not risk... it's transition.

Do you want to make change in your life?

YES? Then you need more transitions.

We don’t allow ourselves to transition enough in life. We don't allow ourselves to transition from one phase of life to another nearly enough.

We need more transitions in life.... because that is where we find what we want and deserve.

It’s found in change and change leads to transition and transition is how you get from A to B.

Consider where you are today and where you want to be.

What’s in between? Transition.

- It’s the transition between hating your body and loving it.

- It's the transition between unhealthy lifestyle habits and healthy ones.

- It’s the transition between that toxic relationship and a fulfilling one.

- It's the transition between being one foot in the door with your hobby, your art, your music… and going all in.

- It’s the transition between chasing someone vs. attracting the person you deserve. In your mind, allow change to simply be transition.

There's something much more inherently optimistic about simply labeling change as transition.

That’s simply going from A to B, B to C, etc. That's unlike risk which in our overthinking human becomes going from A to nothing, B to nothing, etc.


Know that there are optimistic outcomes and hopeful opportunities on the other side of those transitions.

Thinking this way might just be the reframing you need to actually make that change.