By Case Kenny

Your best days are NOT behind you

Are you’re feeling like your best, most exciting and rewarding days are behind you? Feeling like you've already peaked?

Here are THREE ways to take back your power and realize that your best days are actually ahead of you.

FIRST, realize that you can appreciate what you had without needing to go back to it.

Recognize that past experiences are not what make you complete. They were great.

They were amazing. They grew you... but you don't need to go back to them to continue being happy.

It’s the same way I think about exes.

It’s healthy to be able to look back at your ex and no matter how it ended, pick certain moments that made you smile and appreciate those moments. It's healthy to be able to think about your ex and smile because of some of the specific memories you had together… BUT not feel the need to go back go them. It’s the same with you and your past.

You can appreciate what you had without feeling the need to go back to it!

SECOND, recognize that different... does not mean worse.

Different... does not mean worse. Different friends, different habits, different energy levels, different ideas of fun, different drive, different goals… does not mean worse!

This is such a game changer.

I used to think that the only way to live a "fun" rewarding life here in Chicago was day drinking during the summer, hanging out on boats in the playpen, hitting the clubs on Fridays and Saturdays, dating apps, spontaneous trips, etc.

That was a fun time in my life and when that no longer became my definition of fun... I was tempted to think my best days were behind me.

BUT now that I’ve transitioned into another phase - a phase that is defined by a new understanding of what’s fun and rewarding to me - I recognize that it’s not worse!

Different doesn't mean worse.

I don’t have to lament that I’ve moved on from my old definitions of fun to new ones. I don’t have to feel guilty or that I need to go back to be that fun and fulfilled guy again. I am here today.

My growth is here today and it’s different… but it’s by no means worse.

I’ve transitioned into a hybrid of who I used to be. I would still love to drop it low at the club but I also love a slow walk on the river, pumpkin patches, farmers markets a crisp kombucha and filing my taxes on time (LOL). Different is not worse.

THIRD, realize that your potential in life isn’t some finite thing.

It doesn't run out. It’s not like you only have so much potential in life and once you’ve exhausted your 20s or 30s most of it it runs out.

Potential is limitless because it basically resets every time you embrace different - different goals, different expectations, different standards, different friends, etc.

That is it!

By that logic, it’s impossible that your best days are behind you.

Your potential DOES NOT live in the past. It exists squarely in the present and future - where you are embracing different.

And different can be the most rewarding thing in the world.