By Case Kenny

You're more than good enough

Everything in your life comes down to how much you believe you’re worth.

That makes inherent sense, right?

For sake of illustration... say you own a Ferrari and you know it’s worth $200K. When you know the value of something it really changes what you’re willing to do with it. You wouldn’t lend your Ferrari to someone. You wouldn’t sell it unless you had a great offer. You’d keep it clean and locked up at night.

Well, you’re a Ferrari LOL and everything in your life comes down to how much you believe you’re worth.

- If you believe you deserve a partner who chooses you… you wouldn’t wait around for someone who is unsure about you.

- If you believe you’re great and you bring a lot to the table… you wouldn’t hesitate to speak up, tell that joke, post that selfie, etc.

- If you believe you’re capable of incredible impact in the world… you wouldn't doubt your ability to start a business, play music, create art, etc.

So what prevents us from remembering our worth 24/7?

It's our inclination to think that some aspect of ourselves is NOT enough. Not good enough, not talented enough, not successful enough, not funny enough, not hot enough, etc.

Thinking we're "not enough" leads us to do and accept things in our life that are beneath us.

- When you think your body isn’t enough... you convince yourself that the person who wants you one day and doesn’t the next is fine.

- When you think your success or talent isn’t enough... you convince yourself that your boss is always right or your company is the best thing ever because you think you're really just an imposter and eventually you’ll be discovered.

- When you think your personality isn’t enough... you convince yourself that any friend is good enough, any attention is good enough, etc.

Everything in your life comes down to how much we think we’re worth and if we’re constantly saying aspects of us are NOT enough… it’s no wonder we forget our worth.

So how do we stop thinking something about us is NOT enough?

Flip the script.

Tell yourself that you’re good enough and THEN go out and show the world.

This is the opposite of how we normally operate: we hope the world tells us we're good enough and THEN we finally believe it ourselves. -

Getting a significant other finally means we're lovable.

- Being promoted finally means we're talented.

- Getting 1000 DMs finally means we're desirable.

- Having headlines written about us finally means we're successful.

That thinking is totally a** backwards! We need to flip the script.

Tell yourself that you're more than good enough and THEN get fired up and go out and prove that fact.

Don't wait around for someone to tell you you’re good enough to finally believe it yourself. Tell yourself that FIRST and then prove it to yourself with action.

The cherry on top is when other people recognize it, but the order is the opposite of what we've been doing.

Stop wait for cues from others that you're good enough.

Tell yourself you are and then go prove it.

I think you'll be surprised what happens when you have a "prove it" mentality rather than a "waiting for approval" mindset.